Public Consultation In the News – 2015

Ordinary Americans Can Show Congress How to Save the U.S. Postal Service
Huffington Post, 11/23/15

How Do We Fix The U.S. Postal Service’s ‘Fiscal Crisis?’ 
Wisconsin Public Radio: Madison, WI, 11/23/15

Popular fixes for the post office
Frederick News-Post: Frederick, MD, 11/23/15

Ordinary Americans can show Congress how to save the U.S. Postal Service
The Washington Post: Washington, DC, 11/22/15

Many Marylanders Support Hard Options For Overhauling The USPS
CBS Baltimore (WJZ-TV): Baltimore, MD, 11/19/15

Poll: Wide support in Maryland for Postal Service overhaul
The Baltimore Sun: Baltimore, MD, 11/17/15

Report: Majority of voters surveyed support changes to U.S. Postal Service
The Virginian-Pilot: Norfolk, VA, 11/17/15

Oklahoma residents say reduce Saturday deliveries, keep post offices open
The Oklahoman: Oklahoma City, OK, 11/17/15

Most want Postal Service to act like a business
The Hill: Washington, DC, 11/17/15

Postal Service poll: Oklahomans open to raising postage rates, limiting Saturday deliveries 
Tulsa World: Tulsa, OK, 11/17/15

Citizens want more financially responsible USPS
Lawton Constitution: Lawton, OK, 11/17/15

New survey seeks to fix what ails the USPS
Federal Times: Springfield, VA, 11/17/15

Americans Support Cutting Mail Services to Save USPS, Survey Finds
Government Executive: Washington, DC, 11/17/15

Rethinking the Think Tank
Washington Monthly: Washington, DC, Nov. – Dec. 2015

Obama’s claim that the Iran deal has ‘strong support’ from lawmakers and citizens
The Washington Post: Washington, DC, 9/20/15

Why that 60-day review period didn’t sink Iran nuclear deal
Christian Science Monitor: Boston, MA, 9/3/15

In Big Victory for Obama, Iran Nuclear Deal Is Assured of Passage
Voice Of America: Washington, DC, 9/2/15

Obama Is One Senate Vote Away From Securing the Iran Deal
Slate: New York, NY, 9/1/15

New poll shows how sharply partisan the debate on Iran deal has become
The Washington Post: Washington, DC, 9/1/15

Poll shows majority wants Congress to approve Iran deal
The Hill: Washington, DC, 9/1/15

Voice Of the People Campaign
Wisconsin Public Radio: Madison, WI, 8/19/15

Inside the Iran Deal (video)
NewsChannel 8: Washington, DC, 8/10/15

A Large Majority of Americans Favor Making a Nuclear Deal With Iran
Think Progress: Washington, DC, 7/15/15

New Polling Method Say Dems and Republicans May Not Disagree That Much (audio)
WMAL-FM, Washington, DC, 7/7/15

Oklahomans Say Make A Deal
KTOK-AM, Oklahoma City, OK, 7/7/15

Poll: Bipartisan majorities in swing states support Iran deal
Augusta Free Press, Waynesboro, VA, 6/27/15

The Iran deal will be contentious. But one survey suggests we all actually agree.
The Washington Post, Washington, DC, 6/24/15

“Oklahoma Forum” examines the Citizen Cabinet
Oklahoma Public Television, Oklahoma City, OK, 5/24/15

Our View: Tell Congress how to fix Social Security for Gens X,Y,Z
The Roanoke Times, Roanoke, VA, 5/7/15

Survey results: Citizens can face hard policy choices, but recommendations are politically problematic
The Oklahoman, Oklahoma City, OK, 4/26/15

Poll: Most Oklahomans favor changes to reform Social Security
Tulsa World, Tulsa, OK, 4/23/15

Voice of the People’s Citizen Cabinet for Oklahoma Offers Surprisingly Bi-Partisan Recommendations
Tulsa Public Radio, Tulsa, OK, 4/22/15


Virginia Citizen Cabinet survey: Republicans, Democrats agree on key measures to resolve Social Security shortfall
Augusta Free Press, Waynesboro, VA, 4/16/14

Survey of Marylanders on How to Resolve Social Security Shortfall
WNAV-AM Annapolis, 4/16/14


Misperceptions, the Media,and the Iraq War
Political Science Quarterly, Winter 2003/2004


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